Triumph! Shipping Costs & Payments

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Triumph! Shipping Costs & Payments

Post by ScaleCreepMinis » Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:07 pm


There has been confusion about shipping charges related to Triumph!, for which I apologize. I had to upgrade the site software in February, and it now operates very differently from my older version.

The rulebook itself is $30. Shipping in the US is generally between $4.95 and $6.75. The shopping cart simply automatically adds $8.95 shipping to all orders under $50 ($15 to all orders from 50-200, USA shipping is free on orders over $200). I refund the excess shipping to you.

Overseas is even more complicated. It costs between $24.95 and $26.75 depending on country. I have chosen to simply make all international shipments $24.95 and eat the occasional difference. So what this means is I add teh extra shipping to the price of the book, the cart adds the $8.95 per above. Total cost for international customers is there fore $54.95 ($30.00 book + $24.95 shipping).

I am working to see if I can make this clearer and simpler. In the meantime it will be a bit klunky, I hope you will please bear with us!
Tally Ho!

Mark Severin
Scale Creep Miniatures
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