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Post by Andreas Johansson » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:13 pm

Triumph follows hallowed wargamer tradition in allowing plentiful Nepalese allies in Tibetan armies, but not having any separate Nepalese list.

Is there any particular reason for this though? If we're confident a Nepalese allied contingent should consist of Horse Bow, Raiders, and Skirmishers (AFAIK the sources this contingent is based on only actually mention cavalry), why not have a separate Nepalese list consisting of more of the same? Something like:

Horse Bow 6-12
Raiders 0-3
Skirmishers 0-4

General's type = Horse Bow, invasion rating = low, manoeuvre rating = whatever's appropriate for an irregular mostly cavalry force we don't really know anything much about.

Date range: Well, I guess this is where the real arbitrariness starts, but minimally the time they're allowed as allies. Seems unlikely (given what their southern neighbours were doing) they adopted horse archery before the Saka invasions (2C BC), so that might give a terminus post quem of sorts. There's a report that in Nepal "all the people were Turks[!] [and] archers" in the early 13C, so presumably horse archery was still in vogue then. (The same source also claims that men and horses wore bamboo armour, so perhaps we shouldn't trust it too far.)

Enemies: Kanauj Empire and Other Hindu Indian. Possibly Classical Indian and Later Muslim Indian depending on date range. Likely Tibet, on geographical grounds if nothing else.
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