SIGNUP for Punic Wars! Campaign Theme -- Fall In 2018

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SIGNUP for Punic Wars! Campaign Theme -- Fall In 2018

Postby David Kuijt » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:26 pm

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Second Punic War!
Fall In 2018

Signups Now Open

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2-5 Later Carthage armies, 2-5 Polybian Roman armies, 1-2 Numidian, 1-2 Iberian, 0-1 Celtiberian, 0-1 Lusitanian, 1-3 Warlike Gallic

Armies Available

  • Polybian Roman (2-5 armies)
  • Later Carthaginian in Italy (0-2)
  • Later Carthaginian in Spain (0-2)
  • Later Carthaginian Elsewhere (Sicily, Carthage, Gaul) (0-2)
  • Romanized Campanian (0-1)
  • Syracusan (0-2)
  • Massilian (0-1)
  • Numidian (1-2)
  • Iberian (1-3)
  • Celtiberian (0-1)
  • Lusitanian (0-1)
  • Warlike Gallic (1-3)
  • Apulian, Lucanian, or Brutian (0-3)
  • Italian Hill Tribes (Liguria) (0-1)

Topographies are as follows:
  • Hilly
    • Numidia (either)
    • Lucania
    • Apulia
    • Samnia
    • Celtiberia
    • Baetica
  • Arable
    • Everything else.

Wild Regions
Various powers occupy Wild Regions. When defending, they count as +1 maneuver rating greater than normal (including increased chance for a flank march).

Every power that is NOT Massilia, Syracuse, Romanized Campanian, Roman or Carthaginian occupies a Wild Region.

Special and Naval Movement
Only Roman and Carthaginian armies may cross the Western Mediterranean. The governments of Rome and Carthage are too cautious to risk their navy overmuch; as such only one army from each (one Roman and one Carthaginian) may use naval movement each turn.

No navy is required to move on pathways marked with an arrow.

The following groups start out as allies. This means they cannot invade each other initially and may move freely through each other’s territory, so long as they are allied.
  • Romans are allies to other Romans
  • Carthaginians are allies to other Carthaginians
These alliances exist only for the first strategic turn. Thereafter, all bets are off.

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Re: SIGNUP for Punic Wars! Campaign Theme -- Fall In 2018

Postby Spencer » Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:46 pm

I would like to sign up for Numidians!

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