Triumph v1.0 Official Release

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Triumph v1.0 Official Release

Postby El' Jocko » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:03 pm


We are pleased to announce that the official release of Triumph v1.0 is now available on Wargame Vault!

Triumph v1.0

This is a free PDF download for anyone who purchased a copy of the Early Access Edition.

The most notable change in this final version is in the way that battle line troops are deployed. This change was made to handle situations where an army may have too many or too few battle line troops. This version also includes numerous minor changes, clarifications, improved wording, and additional diagrams. We'll post a complete list of rules changes as soon as we can put it together.


Meshwesh as also been updated. It now includes troop descriptions for all armies. No more puzzling over a troop entry of 2 Bow Levy and trying to figure out what they're supposed to represent! We've also added army lists for some New World armies: 10 armies for the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest.

- Jack

Piyan Glupak
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Re: Triumph v1.0 Official Release

Postby Piyan Glupak » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:18 am

Downloaded it. Thanks. Thank you as well for the Meshwesh update. I am busily converting my armies to Triumph! and want to avoid mistakes if reasonably convenient.

I will have to have a practice solo game in the next few days, as I am taking a couple of armies to Vidin to introduce a wargaming friend to Triumph! Unfortunately, he will also want to play a game of v3 of the set of rules whose 3rd version disappointed me. Haven't decided yet whether to take a couple of Trojan War armies, or whether to take my Italian Hill Tribes with either the Umbrians, or the Tullian Romans, if the Romans are ready in time.

Richard Lee

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Bill Hupp
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Re: Triumph v1.0 Official Release

Postby Bill Hupp » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:44 pm

Yeah! Downloaded and spiral bound for $3. And first game played under 1.0.

Bill Hupp
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I play lots of games and I like Triumph!

El' Jocko
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Re: Triumph v1.0 Official Release

Postby El' Jocko » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:11 pm

Changes in Triumph v1.0


1. Center deployment replaces deploying battle line troops in center third of game board.
- Must deploy 24 points of troops in center third of game board
- Choose from these categories, in order until you reach 24 points:
a. Main army battle line troops (except Skirmishers)
b. Other main army troops (except Skirmishers)
c. Main army Skirmishers
d. Ally troops
This mainly impacts armies with a lot more than or a lot less than 24 points of battle line troops.
The army lists no longer designate a troop option as Half battle line. They are now All or -(None)

2. Breaking off rules previously only addressed breaking off when in mutual front contact with an enemy stand. The breaking off rules have been expanded to handle all the other combat contact situations.

3. A stand fighting to its front can no longer be overlapped by side edge contact on its rear edge. (see diagram F.5.d)

4. Removed rear support when fighting Rabble and Bow Levy.

5. Skirmishers no longer shattered by Knights or Chariots. They're still +1 against mounted, so they're still in trouble if caught by Knights or Chariots in the open.

6. Elephants may pass through Skirmishers while falling back. This clarifies an ambiguous situation.

7. Artillery "shot at" combat factor is now +3 (was +2). This makes Artillery a little less vulnerable in ranged combat, especially counter-battery fire.


1. Getting Started section at beginning

2. Pre-setup steps (assemble army and reveal composition to opponent)

3. New Diagrams in Appendix F (Forming column, Point at which the ZOC is blocked, Uphill)

4. Troop type descriptions

5. Acknowledgments


1. Numerous wording changes throughout.

2. Clarified how road moves should work. Also added recommendation for representing a road.

3. Clarified shape and crest line for edge terrain pieces.

4. Clarified making contact with War Wagons

5. Clarified definition of uphill

6. "Distant Shooting" is now called "Ranged Combat". No changes in how it works--just a name change. We felt this was a better description of what this represents, and provides a nice parallel with Close Combat.

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