Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Post by FanatiChris » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:45 pm

Here is the final breakdown of the new Eureka range, by the way:

15mm Sumerians by Eureka (# of pose variants in parenthesis)

300SUM01 Pikeman (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM02 Pikeman, with cloak (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM03 Axeman with shield (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM04 Axeman, shield and cloak (2) AUDS0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM05 Archers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM06 Slingers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM07 Javelinman (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM08 Lullubi, javelinman (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM09 Akkadian archers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM10 Officer(1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM11 Standard bearer (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM12 Guardsman with spear (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM13 Guardsman with axe (1) AUDS0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM14 King (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM15 Battlecart – 2 figures, 4 onagers and cart (1) AUD$10.00 AUD$11.00

300SUM16 Stradlecart – driver, 2 onagers and cart(1) AUD$7.00 AUD$7.70

300SUM17 Beer drinker and vessel(1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88
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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Post by Rod » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:54 pm

Received mine, but they are at the end of the painting backlog. I may have to get to them in my next life ;)
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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Post by Gregorius » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:48 am

Being in Australia meant that I received my figures about 3 weeks ago.

Greg in the antipodes.
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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Post by Texus Maximus » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:26 pm

Here is a comparison photo showing the relative size of some of the new Eureka brand 15mm Sumerians alongside some other figures. From left to right:

Museum Sumerian Slinger
Eureka Sumerian Slingers (x 2)
Old Glory 15mm New Kingdom Egyptian archer.


The Eureka and Old Glory figures look fine next to one another. The heights, build, and sculpting style are all compatible. The Museum figures are highly detailed but considerably taller and with a bulkier build.
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