Rules organization and layout, thoughts

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Rules organization and layout, thoughts

Post by jdesmond » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:42 am

Salutations, gentlefolk !

I have a bunch of gamer friends. They have settled Catan, colonized Puerto Rico, terraformed Mars, and bid for the Camden & Amboy - but have never gamed Ancients with miniatures. How to get them started ???

So, a decade ago, I put together the 'Gelidis'* rules (which probably can be found on web somewhere, if not, let me know and will send you copy).

These assume that I have game table laid out, terrain and armies picked. When Bob and Ray arrived, tell them "Pick a side - you'll switch after the first game - and here's how you play."

So Gelidis I, for DBA 2.2, is 'what you need to know to play, all you need to know to play, only what you need to know to play'

Gelidis II is arranged by troop type - every rule dealing with Psiloi or Scythed Chariots or... in one place. So when the Cataphracts attack the Pavisiers, no need to page thru booklet, it's all there and you know where to find it.

And, were I writing a rules set de novo, would have section 0 with 'what you need to have a game, and how to get one going', and section 4, on tournaments, campaigns, etc

Am up at wee hours with stomach bug, inflicting my dyspeptic thoughts on the world. Your comments invited. Apologies if I've unintentionally offended anyone.

Yours, John

* 'Greater East Lansdowne** Invitational DBA Instructional Seminar' Also Latin for 'cold water'

**East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, is a borough of about 7000 residents, covering about half a square kilometer, about 6 miles from Independence Hall, part of the 'urbanized area' stretching another 20 miles out before it becomes 'country'. 'Greater East Lansdowne' is meant to be ironic. Or something like that.
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