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Historicon 2019 - Fall of Rome

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:12 pm
by Spencer
Eight generals engaged last night to fight over the remaining scraps of the Roman Empire. There were some new players, some returning players and some experienced as well. Everyone did a great job sticking to the 1 hour format and all games completed. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to Steve!

1. 342 pts. Steve Braun: Roman Armenian 300AD- 3x Cataphract, 2x Bow Levy, 5x Horse Bow, 3x Light Foot, 1x Skirmish.

2. 248 pts. Rod Cain: Early Sassanid 349AD- 3x Cataphract, 1x Elephant, 4x Elite Cav, 4x Horse Bow

3. 235 pts. Glen : Early Sassanid 349AD- 3x Cataphract, 2x Elephant, 2x Elite Cav, 5x Horse Bow

4. 234 pts. Spencer Ginder: Early Sassanid 300AD- 3x Cataphract, 4x Elite Cav, 5x Horse Bow

5. 129 pts. Troy Heck: Migration Era Alan 300AD- 6x Knight, 6x Horse Bow

6. 123pts. Tim Myers: Later Moorish 500AD- 3x Jav Cav, 9x Light Foot, 3x Skirmisher.

7. 106pts. Wendy Myers: Hepthalites 400AD- 8x Horse Bow, 2x Elephants, 4x Hoard

8. Keith Stremmel: Late Imperial Roman West 310AD- 3x Elite Foot, 3x Raider, 3x Jav Cav, 2x Skirmisher, 1x Artillery, 1x Bad Horse