Historicon 2019 - Fall of Rome

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Historicon 2019 - Fall of Rome

Post by Spencer » Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:12 pm

Eight generals engaged last night to fight over the remaining scraps of the Roman Empire. There were some new players, some returning players and some experienced as well. Everyone did a great job sticking to the 1 hour format and all games completed. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to Steve!

1. 342 pts. Steve Braun: Roman Armenian 300AD- 3x Cataphract, 2x Bow Levy, 5x Horse Bow, 3x Light Foot, 1x Skirmish.

2. 248 pts. Rod Cain: Early Sassanid 349AD- 3x Cataphract, 1x Elephant, 4x Elite Cav, 4x Horse Bow

3. 235 pts. Glen : Early Sassanid 349AD- 3x Cataphract, 2x Elephant, 2x Elite Cav, 5x Horse Bow

4. 234 pts. Spencer Ginder: Early Sassanid 300AD- 3x Cataphract, 4x Elite Cav, 5x Horse Bow

5. 129 pts. Troy Heck: Migration Era Alan 300AD- 6x Knight, 6x Horse Bow

6. 123pts. Tim Myers: Later Moorish 500AD- 3x Jav Cav, 9x Light Foot, 3x Skirmisher.

7. 106pts. Wendy Myers: Hepthalites 400AD- 8x Horse Bow, 2x Elephants, 4x Hoard

8. Keith Stremmel: Late Imperial Roman West 310AD- 3x Elite Foot, 3x Raider, 3x Jav Cav, 2x Skirmisher, 1x Artillery, 1x Bad Horse
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