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Cold Wars 2019 - Crusader Kingdoms

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:38 pm
by Spencer
We had a good turnout of 8 players to fight for the Kingdom of Heaven. Results follow.

1. 359pts. David Kuijt: Later Crusader 1150-. 3x Knight, 2x Crossbow, 3x Bow Levy, 6x Heavy Foot, 1x Horsebow.

2. 236pts. Troy Heck: Early Crusader 1099- 2x Knight, 3x Elite Foot, 4x Heavy Foot, 3x Archer, 2x Bow Levy.

3. 233pts. Terry Griner: Syrian Caliphate of Baghdad 1100- 2x Elite Cav, 3x Jav Cav, 2x Hoard, 2x Warband, 2x Light Foot, 2x Skirmish, 2x Heavy Foot.

4. 143pts. Rodger Taylor: Ayyubid Egyptian 1171- 4x Elite Cav, 3x Horsebow, 2x Jav Cav, 2x Light Foot, 2x Skirmish.

5. 131pts. Al Lyons: Early Crusader 1096- 4x Knight, 4x Heavy Foot, 2x Archers, 2x Bow Levy, 2x Hoard, 1x Horsebow.

6. 128pts. Mark Burton: Ilkhanid 1251- 12x Horsebow

7. 127pts. John Svensson: Syrian Caliphate of Baghdad 1130- 2x Elite Cav, 6x Jav Cav, 2x Warband, 2x Hoard, 2x Skirmish.

8. 4pts. Steve Braun: Mamluk Egyptian 1260- 6x Elite Cav, 3x Horsebow, 2x Light Foot, 1x Warband, 1x Skirmisher.