Cold Wars 2019 15mm Open Tournament

Please post results and scores from TRIUMPH! events and tournaments
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David Kuijt
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Cold Wars 2019 15mm Open Tournament

Post by David Kuijt » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:17 pm

Results from the 15mm Open at Cold Wars 2019:
  1. 363 pts. Spencer Ginder: Early Armenian. 3x Cataphract, 4x Horsebow, 4x Bow Levy, 2x Light Foot, 1x Skirm, 1x Arty
  2. 242 pts. Mike Demko: Later Warring States Chinese (Zhou). 2x Chariot, a bunch of heavy foot, 2 Archers?, 2 Horsebow? some other stuff -- units weren't marked down on his signup sheet, so this is from memory.
  3. 226 pts. Dennis Lockhart: Later Carthaginian. 4x JavCav, 5x Heavy Foot, 4x Warriors, 1x Light Foot
  4. 147 pts. Chris Ginder: Early Crusader. 4x Knight, 1x Horsebow, 4x Heavy Foot, 2x Archer, 2x Bow Levy, 2x Horde
  5. 126 pts. Scott Lockhart: Thebans. 1x Elite Foot, 10x Heavy Foot, 1x Rabble, 3x JavCav
  6. 12 pts. Alex Lockhart. Alexandrian Macedonian. 2x Knights, 1x JavCav, 2x Raiders, 6x Pike, 1x Skirm, 1x Light Foot, 1x Heavy Foot
Alex playing Alexander was notable in that Big Al (Alexander the Great) died in every battle. Lead From The Front here being quite synonymous with "die". :D

A good time was had by all.
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Bill Hupp
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Re: Cold Wars 2019 15mm Open Tournament

Post by Bill Hupp » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:24 pm

Congrats to Spencer!

Rebasing a bunch of hoplites right now. How did the Thebans match up with the other armies? Were they fun to play?
Bill Hupp
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