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Society of Ancients Battle Day

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:38 pm
by Bill Hupp
Since getting into Ancient and Medieval gaming I have belonged to the Society of Ancients and found that I enjoy their Battle Day idea. From the SoA website:

Battle Day- The Battle Day is a highlight of the Society of Ancients calendar, when we all gather in Bletchley to refight a historic battle with as many different rules-sets as possible, all in the same room. Interspersed with a talk and Q&A session normally given by an expert in the battle under consideration, it is both great fun for the participants, and a great way to see how different rules compare, and what they each do well and not so well. (

Although the meeting and games are in England, other members around the world run games and submit reports to Slingshot and the SoA Forum. The day chosen is usually in the spring and changes so as not to bump into the normal UK convention schedule. The Society magazine Slingshot publishes a historical Battle Day preparation pack and subsequently publishes write-ups of the games with comments on the rules; interesting to compare results and games.

I would like to propose that we do some Battle Day activities using Triumph! Battle Day 2018 has been announced as The Battle of Paraetacene 317 BC, Antigonos vs. Eumenes. This seems like a great classical battle to test/show case Triumph! Below I've copied the description from Fanaticus. Maybe this could even be part of the planning for the East Coast conventions. Liberty Hobby Center gamers have had a lot of fun (with other systems) with these Successor battles.

My plans post-Historicon was to concentrate on battles of the Crusades and to do the 2017 Battle Day game Arsuf, including some terrain pieces. (This will be an All Thistle & Rose battle.) The materials on Arsuf in Slingshot have been very interesting, with locating the battle and dissecting the action being openly discussed. This battle is a good example of where playing the game can give you feedback on the common understanding of the history and the battlefield.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.


The Battle of Paraetacene 317 BC, Antigonos vs. Eumenes

In the summer of 317 BC Eumenes, trying to capitalize on an earlier victory, was on the move against Antigonos. The two armies came to face one another in the lands of the Paraetaceni (an area NE of Susa). The armies were deployed much as described above. The venerated Silver Shields were among the phalanx of Eumenes.

The battle began with Antigonid light horse making harassing attacks. Eumenes dispersed this force with a flanking attack of his own light cavalry squadrons brought over from his left flank.

In the center the phalanxes engaged, again to Eumenesā€™ advantage due to the incredible martial powers of the Silver Shields who, despite their age (60 to 70 years old), seemed invincible. With his light horse in ruins, and his phalanx being pushed back, all luck seemed against Antigonos. Yet Antigonos found advantage and pulled off a maneuver that would even their fortunes.

Antigonos observed that the very success of the Silver Shields had led them forward to reveal a gap in the Eumenid line as it detached from their left flank. In a bold move Antigonos charged his heavy cavalry into this gap, wheeling to the rear of the Eumenid cavalry. The attack proved successful ā€“ ending what seemed to be the start of a Eumenid victory. The battle slowed as both side tried to rally broken units. As the day ended, both armies retired to their camps. Antigonos claimed victory, even though he lost some 3,700 foot killed, and a further 4,000 wounded. Eumenes came off with a loss of only 540 foot killed and some 1,000 injured. Their next major confrontation would be the Battle of Gabene that winter (317/316 BC).

Re: Society of Ancients Battle Day

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:33 pm
by Kontos
I am all over this proposal. I just hope I am not on vacation, hunting, or have my schedule planned out by my missus.

Re: Society of Ancients Battle Day

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:16 am
by Brian Caskey
Lets do this

Re: Society of Ancients Battle Day

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:35 pm
by Brian Caskey
Looking at the calendar perhaps we could do something in September closer to the Sept 7 anniversary of the battle Arsuf Sept 7, 1191
especially in preparation of going into Fall In