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Roman's vs Picts

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 7:27 pm
by tbheck
Rome invaded Pictish lands today and in typical Roman fashion destroyed the Pictish forces. In their first clash Roman Raiders smashed the Pict's Battle Taxi's. Pictish skirmishers tried to slow the advance of the main Roman line, but were overwhelmed by the Elite Ran Infantry. The only success the Picts had was with their warriors who overcame and destroyed the Roman archers. Rome solidly defeated the Pict army 18 to 3.

In the second clash between the Roman's and the Picts, things were a bit dicey for the Roman's in the beginning. A great jav cav battle took place in which the bulk of the Roman Javelin Cavalry were smashed. Then two units of Pict Skimishers smashed into the right flank of Roman Raiders and destroying the right flank. Then everything went wrong for the Picts. The dice gods were not looking on them favorably. The Roman's smashed into the Pict main line and a pushing match ensued back and forth. The Roman's with their Elite Infantry kept slaming into the Pict light spears, who could not hold. The Roman's again won the day with a close 18 to 12 victory.