Gallic vs Rome Quiz AAR

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Gallic vs Rome Quiz AAR

Post by skc » Fri Nov 12, 2021 8:12 am

Triumph Game 8 Nov 2021 with Quiz.jpg
Triumph Game 8 Nov 2021 with Quiz.jpg (275.57 KiB) Viewed 1145 times
My last Triumph! was such a 17:8 disaster that instead of a full AAR have posted this as an "Ancients Quiz" especially for those of you who like to analyse "what when wrong.".

Look at the attached "disaster about to happen" game photo, and try work out from what followed, what went wrong. (Why oh why, is it always in retrospect?!):

After taking the photo, I swung the 2nd Warrior element from left on the hill, into the flank of the Roman element on its left. Although the Roman element was destroyed, this set in motion my demise.
The General (Chariot/Battle Taxi, far left) was in a "needing 2 pips/cp range and the battle lines on the hill were in fighting contact. (Sorry, photo not quite clear)

What 2 stooopid things had I done wrong?
What 3 results from this, led to the already 'in the balance,' game loss?
Should be easy for any experienced DBx player. (But didn't help me at the time! Grrrrr!;)
(So far I've had one fully correct and one partially correct, answer from various places I've posted on net.)
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