Hydaspes in 28mm

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Hydaspes in 28mm

Post by Rod » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:28 pm

Pictures from our first attempt at refighting the Battle of Hydaspes. The Macedonian Army set up with Alexander on the right with knights and light Cavalry, Coenus with a similar cavalry force on the left. Pikes and elite foot deployed in the center. Porus setup with his elephants in the frontline with supporting heavy foot, horde and reserves of bow levy, his flanks were chariots, bad horse and bow levy.

The battle opened with both lines moving forward while Coenus led his heavy cavalry around the jungle and rough terrain on the Macedonian left, Porus tried to counter that move.

Alexander, being Alexander slammed into the Indian chariots and horse on the right. At one point he was surrounded and nearly killed, but cut his way out.

The elephants and pike hit head on in the center. This turned into a massive pushing match, but eventually the elephants would push into the pike formations and get overwhelmed, and elephants started to fall one by one. Meanwhile Alexanders Companions were too much for the Indian Chariots and eventually he broke that command. The center fell shortly after when too many elephants had been destroyed and the pike were fighting their way into Indian reserves.
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