Early North European Bronze Age vs. Urnfield Culture

Description of battles, photos, videos, victory!
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Re: Early North European Bronze Age vs. Urnfield Culture

Post by FanatiChris » Thu Nov 24, 2022 2:19 pm

Found this video speculating on Tollense and what it tells us about Bronze Age cultures in north-central Europe to be interesting. Weaves archaeology with DNA and other evidence and touches on the Indo-European migrations and how DNA studies are changing archaeology. https://youtu.be/tUXBKWZReKY
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Re: Early North European Bronze Age vs. Urnfield Culture

Post by RogerCooper » Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:53 pm

An interesting video. However, I disagree about one point, that armies in thousands imply a state with a standing army. During the Gallic invasions of Italy and the latter Gallic war, advanced chiefdoms raised armies in the tens of thousands, with no evidence of states, administrative systems or standing armies. (The Romans would certainly have noticed such things). Charismatic leadership can accomplish a lot.

The battlefield does show evidence of professional warriors, but this more likely similar to the warrior classes and societies known from the Celts and Germans.

An interesting question is why was metal weaponry left on the battlefield. You would expect to be looted due to its value. I wonder if the river flooded shortly after the battle. (or maybe they just missed a few).

Sadly, no evidence of chariots, only "Bad Horse". So a Southern army consisting of Bad Horse, Warband (or Warrior), Light Spear, Light Foot, Rabble (or Horde), Bow Levy. The locals are less well-equipped with Light Spear, Light Foot, Rabble and Bow Levy. The locals benefit from the terrain and possibly numbers.
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