Throne of EEEEEvil! Cold Wars 2022 Grand Triumph Event

Please post info about upcoming TRIUMPH! events and tournaments
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Throne of EEEEEvil! Cold Wars 2022 Grand Triumph Event

Post by David Kuijt » Mon Nov 15, 2021 5:50 pm

Hi all,

I'm mulling over options for the Big Event at Cold Wars 2022.
  • We will have a 15mm Open tournament on Saturday evening, as is the new tradition.
  • We will have a "welcome to the convention" themed tournament on Thursday evening, as we always do.
  • We will have a full schedule of Epic Conflict walk-up events for teaching the game to new players from 9-12 on Friday and Saturday, as we always do.
  • Friday evening is open -- we will probably have two events there, maybe a theme tournament and something else, not sure.
But we will want to run a Big Event twice, once Friday 1-4 and once Saturday 1-4.

I could run Pelennor Field again, but I think I need to have more time for DS to finish painting a command of Rohirrim. Still, it was very visual with the huge Minas Tirith on one side.
I won't have the armies finished for Mount Doom, the climactic battle at the end of the Second Age.

I'm thinking maybe a huge Fantasy Triumph battle. Assault on the Necromancer. Say four commands of Skeletons and Zombies against four commands of the Forces of Light. I've got about four commands of Skellies painted now, or will have in a few weeks. What to do for visuals to make it look really cool is one question. We want the map to draw the eye. This will be map-provided, terrain-provided, in 28mm for maximum visual impact.

Other thoughts also welcome, though.

Cold Wars is March or so 2022, and will be held in Ocean City, Maryland.
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