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For Sale: 15mm Ancient/Dark Age/Medieval

Post by miros » Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:39 pm

I have the following unpainted 15mm armies and lots for sale. The armies were originally collected for DBA 2.x; I do not know if they are valid for Triumph. The Pass of the North minis are long out of production.

SOLD 1. Mongol Conquest (Pass of the North): 9 cavalry, 18 light horse, 2 archers $40

2. Late Imperial Roman/Patrician (Pass of the North): 12 cataphracts $15

3. Early Imperial Romans (Corvus Belli): 6 foot command, 16 legionaries, 16 auxiliaries, 8 western archers, 3 cavalry command, 7 cavalry, 4 equites contiatorum, cheiroballista in cart, 5 baggage $50

SOLD 4. Picts (Splintered Light): 4 chariots (chieftain +3), 8 horse (chieftain, 3 cav, 4 lh), 66 foot (2 bw, 2 xbw, 57 mixed, 6 foot command from Outpost) $50.

5. Han Chinese (Essex): 1x HCH2a Mounted General and two bodyguards (3), 1x HCH4 Heavy cavalry with lance (4), 1x HCH6 Heavy cavalry, daggeraxe (4), 1x HCH7 Horse archers (4), 1x HCH9 Foot halbardiers (8), 1x HCH10 Spearmen (8), 2x HCH 11 Crossbowmen (16), 1x HCH14 Command Pack: Officers and Standard Bearers (6), 1x HCH 15 Wheelbarrowmen (3,baggage). Also 1x Viking Forge General in 4 horse chariot with driver, archer and halberdier. $40

SOLD 6. Early Franks/Germans (Baeuda): 48 infantry consisting of 1x DTS3 Germanic Foot Command (8), 3x DTS4 Early Frankish Warriors (24), 1x DTS5 Early Alamannic Warriors (8), 1x DTS7 Unshielded Adolescent Skirmishers with javelins (8) $20

7. Galatians (Thistle & Rose): 52 mixed infantry $20

Postage at cost.

PM me if interested.
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