Please buy armies from my friend Alexi

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Please buy armies from my friend Alexi

Post by michaelguth » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:19 pm

For those of us who no longer enjoy painting, my friend Alexi Kalinin in Moscow paints and sells armies directly or by ebay.

I think they are beautiful but judge for yourself at his facebook site, www.

Right now he still has later Swiss/Landsknecht and Imperial Romans for sale.

These armies are configured for DBA, but he can paint more figures to upgrade to Triumph status. He is aware of the differences between the rules.

He was an editor for MW. Shipping has been 100% reliable, I have about 15 of his armies in my collection. (I am sensitive to the shipping issue, the only 'errant' shipment I have ever had was from Old Guard Painters....). He takes Paypal.

He would like to paint and sell the following armies.

I/22a New-Kingdom Egyptian

I/38 Libyan Egyptian

I/39a Urartian

II/5d Thessalian

II/49 Marian Roman

III/4b Early Byzantine

III/28 Carolingian

III/47 Pecheneg

III/63a Polish

III/65 Nikephorian Byzantine

III/70 Tuareg

IV/50 Palaiogan Byzantine

IV/85a Burgundian Ordonnance

Most areEssex, but I bet the Tauregs are Khurasan. He has painted LH; Khurasan; Essex; and OG.

He is
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