Was not quite sure where this should go, so . . .

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Was not quite sure where this should go, so . . .

Post by HoaryCenturion » Thu Jun 13, 2024 9:32 am


There is a reason why I never went into advertising or sales. :roll:

That said, you are invited to read some random thoughts about:
Command & Control
The Three Ps
and the Future

Here is a teaser and the link:

“Caesar decided on an immediate attack, and marched out under cover of darkness with forty cohorts and 1,700 cavalry.” This line is found almost 20 pages into Chapter XIII - ‘Over the Waters’: The British and German Expeditions, 55-54 BC, and exactly 288 pages into Caesar: Life of a Colossus, the well-written and well-reviewed 2006 book by Professor Adrian Goldsworthy. This sentence is the first of a rather substantial paragraph, one that provides fertile ground for the ancient wargamer interested in attempting to recreate the described historical action or actions, or for that same individual or maybe a group of enthusiasts to develop a scenario or two or even three based on this narrative. The details regarding the Roman force make it possible to wargame the engagement using a variety of rulesets and scales of figures or other kinds of representative models. The night march by the Romans presents an area of interest and possibilities, as night marches do not usually feature in friendly or, for that matter, competitive tabletop wargaming. The description of the terrain for this ancient battlefield seems quite reproducible, and the inclusion of a “walled enclosure” or hill fort adds a terrain feature rarely seen in tabletop battles of the ancient period. The attack by the Seventh Legion also appears easy enough to replicate, though one might need to draft scenario rules to cover the construction of an improvised ramp while assaulting an enemy defending such a position. Additionally, it seems logical or reasonable enough to draft a scenario rule or two regarding the possible effect(s) the lack of sleep would have on the cohorts and cavalry. As I reread and continued to annotate the paragraph, it occurred to me that this historical encounter (there is no official battlefield name for it as far as I am aware) might make for an interesting project. The research, preparation, and play of the scenario or scenarios might also make for a decent or perhaps very good blog post.


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Thanks for your time and attention. :)
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Re: Was not quite sure where this should go, so . . .

Post by RogerCooper » Sat Jun 22, 2024 8:17 pm

I would suggest that for a night battle that there be only tactical moves and no group moves. Reduce the command range to 8 MU. The surprised army could be considered leaderless for the first few turns.
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