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LOTR figures to trade

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:32 am
by gmcalum2001
Good evening all.

I have some LOTR figures I am looking to trade. They are all new with the exception of the painted unit you see in the pictures.

1 box Galadhrim Warriors
1 box Wood Elf Warriors
1 Wood Elf Command
1 Thranduil

The painted unit is 1 box of Galadhrim Warriors

Looking to trade for some 15's that I can make armies out of. OR if someone had some 25mm Sung Chinese..I bought several blisters of Ral Partha Historicals on Ebay and wouldnt mind more to make a 25mm army.

Thanks again. Let me know if anything interests you....or if you are looking for specific LOTR stuff.