Early Burgundian and 15th Century figs

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Early Burgundian and 15th Century figs

Post by AlexiusBasileus » Thu Mar 10, 2022 12:54 am

Hello all

In sorting through the perennial lead mountain, I've identified some figures that are unlikely to make it to the painting bench. Specifically, I have a collection of unpainted (some primed white) Essex 15mm 15th Century Figures. It started life as a DBA Early Burgundian pre packaged army but has had additions and subtractions.

The collection has a total of 148 figures (foot=1; mtd=2; gun=3) and should cover all options for the Triumph list including battlecards with the following exceptions:
- Missing artillery crew
- No Hordes/Peasant Levy
- No Separated Valet figures
- Only 3 elite foot figures per dismounted knight base
But...it has some extras
- 3 Extra Italian Style Knight figures
- 10 Mounted Xbow figures (which could be used to model the mounted foot crossbow stands)
- 2 Extra dismounted Crossbow figures

Essex packs new are 4.20 pounds sterling for 8 figs or 0.525 each or 77.7 english pounds new. I'd be happy to part with them to a US customer for $50 US and buyer pays shipping. Or if you are in Metro DC you can pick them up in Glenmont MD. Any takers?
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