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Bill Hupp
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Project Lunacy

Post by Bill Hupp » Mon Feb 08, 2021 5:57 pm

Project Lunacy

The Thesis: Rod suggested it might be good for T&R Miniatures to provide Triumph! players with a little incentive to add to their Triumph! army collections in 28mm scale. There are a number of good reasons for Triumph! players to add to their armies in 28mm even if they may already have armies in this historical period in 15mm. (Having the same army in 2 scales being the Lunacy part.) These include:

1. 28mm armies look impressive in a convention setting or when doing a demo of Triumph!
2. If we all have at least one 28mm army then we can have 28mm tournaments
3. 28mm Triumph! armies are not so heavy you can’t bring them to a convention.
4. 28mm ancients are fun and easy to paint
5. Post Alexander Successor period: In picking the period we thought that Pike and Elephant armies would be fun and attract a lot of attention. Fun because the post Alexander Successor period just cry’s out for historical battles, campaigns and tournaments. In addition, who doesn’t want to have armies with 28mm elephants (ancient armor/tanks.)?
6. The units of a Successor army can be used in MANY different armies over a +250 period (Pikes, Cavalry, Elephants, light troops.)

The offer: T&R Miniatures is offering the core figures for a Triumph! Successor army at a 50% discount. This includes:

- 44 T&R/Vendel 28mm Phalangite Pikemen with pikemen in a standing or advancing pose ((Pikes at a 180 degree or 135 degree angle) – our choice) (44 figures including command)
- 1 Elephant, Howdah and crew

At retail this is over $100, but to help launch Project Lunacy this now available for a limited time for $50 plus shipping.

Quantities are limited, so first come first served.

Jeff Jonas has an excellent website,, where he talks about this period and shows you many of the different figures out there with guidance on how to build and paint armies. He wrote an article on this very point for WI. Successors armies are very useful as a core army for any 28mm ancient collection and can help new players cross over to other period armies. Jeff likes our figures, so you will see various pictures of them in action there.

Other figures to fill out the armies (lights and cavalry) are also available.

Bill & Brian
T&R Miniatures
Bill Hupp
Thistle & Rose Miniatures
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David Schlanger
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Re: Project Lunacy

Post by David Schlanger » Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:25 pm

Thanks for sharing that Bill! Sounds like a fantastic deal.
I will go count my pennies.

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