Discussion of the upcoming fantasy version of TRIUMPH!
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Post by David Kuijt » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:26 pm

This expansion will involve rules to support using the TRIUMPH! game engine for fantasy battles.

Fantasy armies have an enormous overlap with historical armies, as most fantasy is rooted in history. Further, the vast majority of battles in fantasy involve the struggle being focused on exactly the same types of military clashes as historical battles contain. It is difficult to watch the opening scenes of Tolkein's Fellowship of the Ring movie without considering the Elves as Elite Foot and the Orcs in that battle as Warband. It therefore is natural that a good engine for playing battles with historical figures will also contain the basis for a good engine for playing battle with fantasy figures, at least so long as the battle is focused on the same technology of warfare (in this case, battles before the Industrial Revolution modernized warfare with massed long-range shooting).

Additional color and support for unusual and possible singular combatants (heroes, wizards, dieties, and so on) will be necessary to add flavor and support the genre effectively, but the underlying game engine will still be TRIUMPH!