Man-Orcs vs Knights Hosptalar

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Scott Kastler
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Man-Orcs vs Knights Hosptalar

Post by Scott Kastler » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:27 pm

Inspired by the announcement of a Pelenor fields game at Historicon, I've started to convert some of my 15mm fantasy to Triumph type lists. Today I had my first battle using the Man-Orcs of "Snarkyman" vs the Knights of the order of St John.

Invasion: 3 Maneuver: 2 Terrain: Hilly General: magician
1 Magician general, "Snarkyman" (as in HOTT) 8 pts move and fight as in HOTT
1 Brute Orc Champion (double warband, +4, +3) 6 pts move and fight like warband but on a 40X40 base at +4/+3
1 Warg Rider (beast as in HOTT) 4 pts Open order and move and fight as in HOTT
1 Skirmisher (the worm) 4 pts Seems a fairly good substitute for the sneaker in HOTT
6 Warband (Man-Orc fighters) 24 pts
Battle Card "The Voice" Magician element may add 1 to their pip roll or subtract 1 from the opponents next pip roll but then cannot move, bespell, of fight this bound.

Knights of St John (as per Meshwesh)
Invasion: 1, Maneuver: 2, Terrain: Arable General: Knight
2 Knights (including general) 8 pts
2 Elite foot 8 pts
4 Heavy foot 12 pts
2 Archers 8 pts
6 Bow Levy 12 pts

In the game, the Man-Orcs invaded but were pushed back by the brave Knights in spite of the archers both being lost to the magicians bespelling (+4 vs +2). While on the flanks the skirmisher a warband and the beast kept the bow levy occupied without actually causing much damage to either side. The game was finally decided when the knight general and his companion knight managed to QK the Man-Orc champion and another warband for a bloody 16/14 victory. I have some pics but I'm not sure how to post them.

All-in-all an enjoyable game.
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