They shoot, they fight

Discussion of the upcoming Battle Card system for TRIUMPH!
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They shoot, they fight

Post by Gavmeister » Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:30 pm

This is a suggested unofficial option for elite Archers that were trained and equipped for close combat against foot, such as Janissaries, Samurai nobushi, and English professional longbowmen , and some others who are designated as Bow (S) in WRG's DBMM rules. Possession of a longbow is not sufficient to qualify; the key factor is preparedness for close combat. Note that other close fighting archers, such as Achaemenid Immortals, instead fall into the Pavisiers category.

Rules Change
Archer stands that are unusually well=prepared for melee fight with a +1 combat modifier in close combat against enemy foot.
To gain the benefit, all troops of the designated type must be included. Either all troops of the stated type gain the bonus or none of them; it is not possible to have some upgraded and some not.
Timing: The choice to use this ability is made at deployment.
Cost: +1 point per stand.
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Re: They shoot, they fight

Post by David Schlanger » Mon Jun 28, 2021 8:56 pm

Thanks for the suggestion!

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