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Grand Triumph 96

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:20 pm
by Gavmeister
In the UK at least a lot of clubs use 1.8m by 1.2m tables for 25mm games and, due to the popularity of L'Art de la Guerre as a DBM replacement, 120cm by 80cm battle-mats for 15mm. These are both too small for a 144 point Grand Triumph game, so I've looked at how we can fit a 96 point game onto our 'narrow' boards.

Here goes with a suggested approach. All references are to the paragraphs in the draft GT rules. Interested in feedback!

1.1 We’re going to use 96 point double-sized armies but with 3 commanders. This is roughly comparable to a LAdlaG 200 point game and not much smaller than Big Battle DBA.

4.2 (a) Meshwesh now shows lists for 96-point double-size Grand Triumph armies
(b) For allies, use either: their standard list with minima and maxima reduced by one third (round down); or a double sized Ally Option from the main army’s list.

5.1 Board size is 60 MU wide x 32 MU deep, allowing LAdlaG mats to be used for 15mm games and a standard 1.8m table for 25mm. You will need to establish where the base line is for both sides on a 1.2m deep table or 80cm deep mat.

5.2 The game board is divided into six sections all of which are 16 MU deep.
5.3 The boxes are designated as:
• Left wing 18 MU wide
• Centre 24 MU wide
• Right wing 18 MU wide

6.1 (d) Use the standard Terrain Card Booklet.

7.1 To facilitate use of a narrow board Coasts and Streams are not allowed, unless you get a result of 6S in which case a Stream and 6 other terrain pieces must be deployed. Use this Table as a work-around:

Terrain Score Steppe, Dry Forest, Marsh Arable, Hilly, Delta
2 1 2 1
3 1 3 2
4 2 4 2
5 2 4 3
6 2 5 4
7 3 5 4
8 4 6 5
9 4 6S 5
10 5 6S 6
11 5 6S 6S
12 6 6S 6S

8.3 Commands must have at least 16 points of troops.

10.2 (a) Main army camp must be placed in the centre box
(b) An ally camp may be placed in any box, but it must be at least 8 MU from the board side edge.

10.4 Stands making up the 48-point Battle Line minimum must be placed entirely within the centre box.

Re: Grand Triumph 96

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 8:53 pm
by David Schlanger
Thanks for sharing this! As you mentioned Meshwesh really nicely provides 96 point "Double" sized armies so it would be very useful to work out a good approach to playing on a smaller board than we use for the GT rules as we have right now for 144pts.