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Forum Rules

Post by David Schlanger » Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:40 pm

These rules are updated as of December 7th, 2016. Every member of the forum is responsible for reading the most current rules.

We expect that our forums be welcoming communities driven by enthusiastic people and as part of this we want to encourage a positive atmosphere. To achieve that aim, please observe the following rules and guidelines.

Miniatures gaming is not just a simple hobby, it’s a variety of related hobbies all melded together. Interests in history, modeling, painting, research, and gaming all come together. This complex interplay of hobbies fosters enthusiasm and passion. Enthusiasm and passion can lead, especially with the social distance that comes with online communication, to disagreement, friction, and conflict.

We’re all playing with toy soldiers. We want to share our enthusiasms with each other. Please keep your criticism constructive, please stay polite, please stay respectful of each other. Electronic communication is a medium without vocal tone, facial expression, and all the other tools we use to moderate spoken words in person – and without those tools, misunderstandings are unhappily quite frequent.

Admins will act as necessary to keep this forum a positive and engaging environment. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem abusive, without explanation.


Rule 1: This Is a forum run by Washington Grand Company
We run this forum with the intention of supporting the TRIUMPH! community. Promotion or lengthy discussion of other rules sets is inappropriate here. If you do want to discuss other games or rules (beyond a brief mention to inform a discussion of Triumph!) please do it on another forum.

Rule 2: Be Respectful Of Others
Think before you type; re-read your posts before you hit “submit”, attempt to see how others might see your posts before you send them. Stay civil. Attacking and criticizing ideas is fine if done respectfully; attacking and criticizing people (ad hominem attacks) is never acceptable. Profanity, sexist or racist remarks, extreme nationalism, and so on are forbidden. See the following link for more information on internet etiquette: ( Trolling is not allowed, and sarcasm should be used sparingly.

This forum should not be used as an audience for private or local disagreements.

Rule 3: Stay On Topic
It is confusing for readers when a thread wanders topics. This happens all the time, and some meandering is natural and acceptable, but when a significant number of responses focus on the new topic it is much better practice to start a new topic and move discussion there, rather than overwhelm the original discussion. Similarly, if you have a new question post it as its own thread rather than hijacking an existing topic.

Rule 4: No Spamming
Spam is invasive or unsolicited off-topic information. Anything the admins see as spam will be removed, and accounts who post spam will be banned or shut down.

Rule 5: Politics and Contemporary Affairs
This is not a political or social discussion board. It is also international, with participants from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. Further, discussion of political or social topics often triggers strong emotional responses that can destroy the sort of welcoming community we are trying to create here. If you want to talk about politics or contemporary affairs, do it elsewhere. Admins will take actions in response to violations that may vary from advising participants, to editing or deleting posts, to suspending or banning accounts that violate this policy.

Rule 6: Buying, Selling, Trading or Advertising
Discussion (by individuals) of miniatures for building Triumph! armies, including manufacturers, their websites, and how to purchase their figure ranges, is always appropriate. Keep it positive. Any statements regarding quality, style, or other issue relating to miniature manufacturers are entirely the opinions of their authors and do not represent Washington Grand Company.

Any other sales or trades mentioned on this forum are entirely the responsibilities of the participants, and not endorsed or supported by Washington Grand Company in any way. We advise all participants who are selling or buying items as individuals to use an entity with built-in protection for consumer claims, like ebay (, if they have any concerns.

Rule 7: Acknowledge Copyrights.
Try and be respectful of media copyrights. Read more on this subject here:

Rule 8: Washington Grand Company Reserves The Right...
To edit or delete any thread seen (by us) as in violation of forum rules, without explanation. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, you are encouraged to contact Washington Grand Company as individuals in private. <>

Rule 9: Miniatures
This forum encourages the posting of photos of any and all manufactured miniatures that are appropriate for TRIUMPH! and other Washington Grand Company rulesets.

A Brief Guide to Good Posting
• Don’t use all CAPS. That’s shouting.
• A “yes” or “no” response is sometimes insufficient.
• Don’t use texting or l33t jargon.
• Write clearly. If you want to get your point across, having punctuation, grammar, and division into paragraphs is much more effective than misspelled run-on sentences with poor grammar. Use spellchecker.
• Choose a good subject title that summarizes your topic.

Thank you to the forum members who make this a great community!