Converting Legacy Armies

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Converting Legacy Armies

Post by Bill Hupp » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:36 pm

Early on in the development of Triumph! there was a lot of talk about converting armies. I developed the following list/spreadsheet to help me with the conversion. I apologize for not posting this before now as it might be helpful to other new players. The legacy system does have a 20+ year history and even when buying or inheriting old armies it might come in handy. Not to mention there is always a new army.

If you'd like the spreadsheet with a few more detailed columns let me know.


Triumph - Legacy-FN
Archers - 4BW
Artillery - Art
Bad Horse - 3CV
Battle Taxi- LCh
Bow Levy - 3BW -1
Cataphracts- 4KN -5
Chariots - LCh
Elephants - El
Elite Cavalry- 3Cv
Elite Foot - 4Bd
Heavy Foot- 4Sp/4Bd
Horde- 7Hd
Horse Bow- 2LH -4
Javelin Cav- 2LH
Knights - 3Kn
Light Foot - 3Ax
Light Spear- 3Ax
Pavisiers - 8Bw
Pikes - 4Pk
Rabble - 5Hd -3
Raiders - 3Bd -2
Skirmishers- 2Ps
Spear - 4Sp
War Wagons- WWg
Warband - 3Wb
Warriors - 4Wb

1- 20mm base should be 30mm in Triumph! - use sabot
2- Only 3 figures per base for legacy (Vikings impacted)
3- I like 5 figures for Rabble (basing could be 40mm in legacy)
4- LH with Horse Bow figures
5- Need a sabot to get to 40mm from 30mm
Bill Hupp
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