TSS Feudal Scots and Welsh

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TSS Feudal Scots and Welsh

Post by FanatiChris » Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:22 am

Total Systems Scenics (QRF) has just rereleased a range of 15mm Feudal Welsh, to go along with a range of Feudal Scots they released last fall. Does anyone know the background on these ranges? I swear I purchased some of the Feudal Scots years ago from Steve Shaw's Feudal Castings, but these are not the same figures that Sgt. Major Miniatures was selling when they acquired Feudal Castings. Now that SMM is out of business, I'm not sure what became of the FC figures, but I was thinking that since QRF (the folks behind Total Systems Scenics or vice versa) had carried the FC line before Sgt. Major Miniatures, I wondered if these were moulds that had reverted back, or perhaps never transferred? Someone else has suggested they may be new figures done by Steve Shaw for TSS, so naturally similar in style and posing to the older FC ranges. If anyone knows the provenance of these figures, I'd be interested to know.

In any event...they're pretty decent figures:

Here are the Scots: http://totalsystemscenic.com/product-ca ... dal-scots/

The newly released Welsh: http://totalsystemscenic.com/product-ca ... dal-welsh/

And a less complelling Pictish range: http://totalsystemscenic.com/product-ca ... s/pictish/
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