The Battle of The Lyginus (335BC) for Triumph Normal

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The Battle of The Lyginus (335BC) for Triumph Normal

Post by Lembit Tohver » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:34 pm

The Battle of The Lyginus (335BC)
Alexander fights the Thracian Hill tribe Triballi
Depoly Forces as shown on the map below. Flag indicates General’s stand.
NOTE: SSk are Slinger Skirmishers
The River is fordable along its entire length and is considered difficult terrain.

Macedonian Forces:
1 x Knight (Companions) (4)
1 x Bad Cav/ (Greek Allies) (4)
1 x Jav Cav (Prodmoi) (4)
1 x Bow Skirmishers (3)
2 x Jav Skirmishers (6)
2 z Light Inf (Peltasts) (6)
2 x Heavy Inf (Greek Hoplite Mercs) (6)
4 x Pike (Macedonean) (12) One with General Alexander
Total Points: 45 points

2 x Jav Cav (Scythian Allies) (8)
1 x Bad Cav (Scythian Allies (4)
2 x Slinger Skirmishers (Triballi) (6)
2 x Bow Skirmishers (Triballi) (6) used to support Peltasts
6 x Light Infantry Triballi Peltasts(18) One with General Sirmo.
All have archer support.
Total Points: 42

Side that first loses 15 VP of troops loses the game.

Historical Deployment
Lyginus Historical Battle Map.png
Lyginus Historical Battle Map.png (18.14 KiB) Viewed 434 times
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