Battle of Bagae for Triumph Normal

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Battle of Bagae for Triumph Normal

Post by Lembit Tohver » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:07 pm

OOB for Battle of Bagae for Triumph Normal

Deploy as shown in the diagram below (from 8 MU to 12MU from Macedonian board edge)
1 x Elite Cav (4)
1 x Bad Cav (4) Greek Merc w/General Coenus.
2 x Jav Cav (8) Thessalian
8 x Pike (24) Macedonian
2 x Light Infantry (6) Macedonian, Thracian Peltasts
Total Points: 46 Pts

Deploy as shown below within 8 MU of their board edge:
4 x Bow Cav (16)
4 x Jav Cav (16)
2 x Bad Cav (8)
1 x Elite Cav (4) (w/General Spitamenes)
Total 44 Pts

First side to lose 15 pts of troops loses the battle.

Historical Deployment
Bagae map.png
Bagae map.png (15.12 KiB) Viewed 404 times
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