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Wendland 789AD

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:59 pm
by vodnik
...let us fight a campaign in the Wendland at the border what is now Germany. Carlemagne with Saxon and Frisian alies against the Wiltzes, Dolomici & Bohemians in the German forest.It was carlemagnes campaign against the Wilzes 789 AD:
Carolingian Frankish; 3 knigts, 3 bad horse, 1 jovelin cavalry, 4 heavy foot, 2 bow levy, 1 skimishing crossbowmen, 2 horde
Frisian; 12 warriors(Gen), 1 skirmishing bowmen, 1 light foot javelins, 2 throng hordes, 1 rables
Saxon; 1 javelin cavalry(Gen), 10 warriors, 2 skirmishing bowmen, 2 throng horde, 2 rable
Wilzes; 1 jovelin cavalry(Gen), 4 heavy foot, 6 light foot, 2 raiders, 2 bow levy
Dolomici; 2 javelin cavalry(Gen), 6 heavy foot, 6 light foot, 4 skirmishing bowmen, 2 rable
Bohemian Slav; 2 javelin cavalry(Gen), 12 heavy foot, 2 bow levy
As dark age was a good period for slave hunting carlemagne did not allow to sell christians as slaves. Therefore stavic states tryed to adapt christianity as early as possible. So did; great Moravia, Bohemia, Croatia & a bit later Poland too. So the old alliances did break & a new christian front made by Germans & Slaves against the pagan tribes. For the short time of its existence i would add great Moravia with its home topograhpy; forest: 2 javelin cavalry(Gen) or as Avar stile elite cavalry, 8 raiders, fierce fighting axemen, 4 bow levy .
The Slavic tribes with access to the sea could be more powefull with a few raiders without a Viking restriction of: 804 - 1056 AD...