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Post by Bill Hupp » Sat May 12, 2018 12:37 am

Before Triumph! I had made a custom board for the Battle of Hastings following the Two Davids That Embattled Isle scenario book. I adapted the scenario to Triumph! using Duke William’s Norman Invasion list and the Anglo-Danish list. Duke William: 4 x Knights (16 pts), 4 x Elite Foot (16 pts), 1 x Javelin Cavalry Bretons (4 pts), 2 x Heavy Foot (6 pts), and 2 x Skirmishers (6 pts). King Harold: 3 x Elite Foot (12 pts), 10 x Heavy Foot (30 pts), 2 x Skirmishers (6 pts).

I got a chance to play the game and the results were a come from behind Norman victory. Harold was up 11-4 and then 14-7 before the William was able to get 3 shattered results from its Knights (including William himself) and roll up the Saxon line on the Norman left. Overall it was tight game that could have gone either way and would have likely been a Saxon victory if they had won one of the combats in the last round to just get to their next turn. (NOTE: Pics with Thistle & Rose figures on Facebook.)

We did not end up using the Impetuous Anglo-Danish Foot rule. Overall, I think the rules straight up did a nice job, but a couple of things make me wonder if it wouldn’t be worth making a couple of tweaks.

Any thoughts on Battle Cards or scenrio specific rules?

1- seems like the skirmishers were underused/had no role- per accounts should probably be some archery action.
2- i added a Breton Knight, but maybe they could react like a Javilin Cavalry and imitate the feigned flight.
3- I went for 48 points straight up, but maybe I should add a couple more points to get a skirmishers stand for the middle battle
4- as a compact battle where flanks played no role, the 24 inch board seemed fine for the scale of the battle. Maybe it is short by 40-80 mm?

As the definitive battle of the Dark Ages and British History, this a battle worthy of replay.

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