Lullubi - Figures To Use For Them

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Lullubi - Figures To Use For Them

Postby Snowcat » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:17 pm

For one of the Ultimate Wall O' Crap armies, the Lullubi (Zagros Highlanders) - what 15mm figures to use?
First up is the pair of variants from Essex. I really like these, but unfortunately Essex have confused the Lullubi with the penis-sheath wearing early Libyans. Easy enough to fix with a bit of careful snipping and re-modelling however...

Next up we have the main two offerings from Chariot (Magister Militum). Fortunately one of these is an archer. And both come properly 'swinging free'.

After this, things start to get a bit tricky. Some Lullubi also wore sheepskin skirts, so these figures (also from Magister Militum) could be useful to convert from:
With proper Lullubi heads (shaven with scalp lock etc) these have potential. SUA8 might be a decent start for a Lullubi Bodyguard with a bit more work. His axe should be a gamlu which you might have to find elsewhere or sculpt yourself. The tutittu over his shoulder puts me off a bit though - I'd probably use the slinger as the base figure and change the weapon and give him a head swap.

A gamlu axe is shown here (far right): Image

Are there any other 15mm Lullubi contenders out there...?


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