Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Postby FanatiChris » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:45 pm

Here is the final breakdown of the new Eureka range, by the way:

15mm Sumerians by Eureka (# of pose variants in parenthesis)

300SUM01 Pikeman (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM02 Pikeman, with cloak (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM03 Axeman with shield (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM04 Axeman, shield and cloak (2) AUDS0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM05 Archers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM06 Slingers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM07 Javelinman (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM08 Lullubi, javelinman (2) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM09 Akkadian archers (3) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM10 Officer(1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM11 Standard bearer (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM12 Guardsman with spear (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM13 Guardsman with axe (1) AUDS0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM14 King (1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

300SUM15 Battlecart – 2 figures, 4 onagers and cart (1) AUD$10.00 AUD$11.00

300SUM16 Stradlecart – driver, 2 onagers and cart(1) AUD$7.00 AUD$7.70

300SUM17 Beer drinker and vessel(1) AUD$0.80 AUD$0.88

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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Postby Rod » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:54 pm

Received mine, but they are at the end of the painting backlog. I may have to get to them in my next life ;)

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Re: Proposed 15mm Sumerian Range (by Eureka)

Postby Gregorius » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:48 am

Being in Australia meant that I received my figures about 3 weeks ago.

Greg in the antipodes.

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