Gasgan proportions

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Gasgan proportions

Post by Andreas Johansson » Thu Jan 27, 2022 7:56 am

Someone posting photos of the conanesque Khurasani Gasgans on fb reminded me, the largest Gasgan forces mentioned in Hittite sources seem to be of 9000 foot and 800 chariots, which suggests the Gasgan list needs to allow more chariots.

The most chariot-heavy composition allowed by the present list is one stand of chariots and fourteen of infantry, and though T! doesn't have a strict troop scale, a stand of chariots surely represents fewer vehicles than a stand of foot represents men.

(The reference to check for Gasgan numbers seems to be von Schuler's Die Kaskäer, but the price-tag is rather outrageous. David Kuijt, as an academic, may have institutional access.)
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