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Fantastical Armies

Post by RogerCooper » Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:01 am

Even though Fantasy Triumph is not out yet, I want to discuss some armies that are not historical. My first army is

Modern chess derives from an Indian game called Chaturanga (Sanskrit meaning four arms) referring to the four arms of military; Infantry, Cavalry, Chariots and Elephants. This fits fairly well as a Triumph army.

KIng: Elite Foot General x 1
Queen: Horse Bow x 1
Rook: Chariot x 2
Bishop: Elephant x 2
Knight: Knight x 2
Pawn: Horde x 8

The short-ranged but powerful move of the King suggests a 4-point infantry type. Spear would be good alternative.
The Queen is problematic. Originally this piece was a prime minister with the ability to move 1 square diagonally. If you are basing the piece on the modern move, you can justify Elite Cavalry or Javelin Cavalry. For the original move any open order infantry is reasonable.
The modern Rook has the same move as the original Chariot. Modern sculpts often make it a mobile fortress, which could be represented as a War Wagon.
The Bishop descends from the Elephant (the tusks reinterpreted as the mitre of a bishop) but if you want to make it more clerical, you could use Shooter, firing prayers instead of arrows.
The Knight could be any kind of 4 point horse.
The Pawn could be just as easily Bow Levy or Rabble.
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