Meshwesh Update 9/28/2021

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Meshwesh Update 9/28/2021

Post by David Kuijt » Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:16 pm

Hi all,

Just bringing to your attention that WGC has just completed a significant update to Meshwesh that has been hanging fire for a year or so.

Updates include: (in no particular order)
  • Major code fix to support two-date-range line items. Check out the Early Crusader army list, for an example -- the Crusaders have 2-5 Knights from 1096-1097, then again from 1100-1128. In the period from 1098-1099, when they were in desperate straits in Eastern Anatolia and had lost many of their horses, they have 1-2 Knights and 1-3 dismounted men at arms (Elite Foot) instead. This was a major fix that had been in process for a while, since we identified that the data (which was always in the lists) wasn't showing correctly.
  • Battle card text has been updated to match the Battle Card book, so now when you click on a battle card on Meshwesh, you get the same text as when you look up a battle card in the book.
  • A variety of small corrections to miscellaneous micro issues. Normal stuff, as we attempt to achieve perfection.
  • A major amount of name purification. "Strathclyde etc." is changed to "Kingdoms of Britons", for example. This is part of an ongoing effort to have a paragraph or two of descriptive text for each army list. I finished the descriptive text last Spring, but it is still going to take some more coding changes to implement it, so you won't see that yet. Before the end of the year, I hope, but synchronizing my time with Jack's for the coding isn't easy.
  • Part of the name purification includes standardizing spelling. In all cases where Wikipedia has an opinion on whether it is "Seljuk" or "Seljuq", we went with their opinion. Plus removing some remnant Wade-Giles, and other fake orientalization removed. Western Xia now instead of Xixia (which means Western Xia), for example. So Koguryeo Korean becomes Goguryeo Korean.
  • Date range fixes. Quite a few, actually. Scholarship has advanced.
  • New army lists. Check out the North America category, with 6 new army lists representing the major divisions of First Nations (American Indian) on the Pacific Coast and Interior. Also the 5 new Caribbean army lists.
  • and more.
So check it out! As always, let us know if you find anything wonky, so we can discuss it, and if it is broken, fix it.
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