Meshwesh Update--December 2017

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Meshwesh Update--December 2017

Post by El' Jocko » Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:58 pm

The elves have been hard at work and we've released an updated version of the Meshwesh software. This release adds:

Keyword Search

When searching for an army list, you can enable the keyword search option. With this enabled, the search results will include armies that have a keyword matching your search term, in addition to the usual match on army name. For example, searching for "diadachoii" will return the "Eumenes" and "Lysimachid" army lists (and several others), in addition to army lists like "Diadachoii in Macedon". We hope this will make it easier to find lists that you're interested in.

(Note that keywords aren't enabled when using the Quick Search. We're planning on adding that in the future.)

Prioritized Troop Types for Generals

We noticed that a number of armies could be built in such a way that they didn't have any troops that matched the designated General's troop type. For example, the Nubian army list specified Archers for the general, but it's possible to build a Nubian army without any Archer stands. Our solution for this was to add a prioritized list of troop types for army lists where this problem occurred. Looking at the Nubian army list, the general must be an Archer stand. If there are no Archer stands, then the general must be a Warband stand. Finally, if there are no Warband stands, the general must be a Skirmisher stand.

This only occurs in a small percentage of the army lists, but we wanted to make sure that we had this situation covered.

Troop Option Descriptions

We now have troop option descriptions for over half the army lists. We'll continue working on this until all the army lists have descriptive text for the troop options.
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