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Re: Post Mongol Russian

Post by David Kuijt » Tue Jan 30, 2024 2:24 am

My abject apologies for not following up on this earlier; too many projects, too little brain.

After some reading on the subject, I'm looking at following Delphin's suggestion, something like the following:

Split the PMR list into two, notionally titled "Early Post Mongol Russian" and "Later Post Mongol Russian". Although the later one might be renamed "Orientalized Russian", or "Mongol-Influenced Russian", reflecting the relatively widespread adoption of Mongol fighting techniques for mounted warfare.

Later PMR would be in essence the current PMR list. Except the numbers of Militia spearmen and bowmen would be 0-2 of each (currently 0-1) to reflect some sources that claim a larger participation of infantry. Other sources find that unconvincing, but that's the way it goes.

Dividing line between the two army lists would be something after 1455, which seems to be the last battle where lance fighting seemed to be involved (and therefore the last Elite Cavalry dominated battle). Between Novgorod and Moskva. So maybe 1456 as the start date for Later PMR.

Early PMR would be mostly Elite Cavalry (5-10), very few Horsebow (0-2). Gulay gorod removed; numbers of heavy foot and bow levy increased to 0-3 each.
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