Lists for HIstorical Refights

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Lists for HIstorical Refights

Post by HoaryCenturion » Tue Aug 17, 2021 10:15 am


Of late, I have been tinkering or toying with the idea of staging two historical refights.

First up: Chaeronea - but with a bit of a twist, having recently read "The Scared Band."

Second: Zama

In reviewing previous attempts at these battles, I find myself a little hung up or dependent on the OBs and the scaling issues inherent.

With regard to Chaeronea, I gather that the Sacred Band would be a +1 modifier to a unit of hoplites (heavy infantry or elite infantry). The Athenian hoplites would probably be downgraded hoplites. It would appear that the Macedonian phalanx would have to de formed with pike units stacked 2 deep, but then, that gets into the "sticky" number issue. Currently, I am looking at an approximate scale of 1 stand or unit represents 1000 men. In this approach, the phalanx of pike would have to be single stand units . . .

Zama is another interesting "animal" . . . How to model the lines of the 4 legions present as well as the Numidians. It seems that using 3 armies might serve for Hannibal's troops. Perhaps having 5 commands or armies - the extra commands to address the cavalry on the flanks?

I posted this here, as it did not seem quite right to place it under the battle report thread or any other topic.

Thanks for thoughts or advice. Perhaps a few of you have staged these battles or are also thinking about how they might be done with Triumph!

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