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Basing of Rabble

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:24 pm
by FanatiChris
I'm currently working out what figures I need to add to my various armies to make them Triumph compliant, and probably the most common addition required so far is Rabble, which are based 3 figures to a 20mm deep base. I know they're classified as light troops fighting in open order but as a group...but would like to make a pitch for making them a 5 figure base.

5 figures would still easily differentiate them from Horde at 7 figures, keeping the visual open versus close foot distinction. It would also make them a heck of a lot easier to differentiate from all the 3 figure Light Foot, Light Spear, etc. bases that are also popular in most of my dark ages and chariot age armies. No other element has 5 figures, so it wouldn't be creating any new potential for visual confusion. Also, 5 figures just strikes me as more of a rabble visually than 3.

I searched the Forum for a 3 figure rationale, but couldn't find the right combination of search terms to generate a result that wasn't too "Common" for sorry if this idea has already been hashed out and rejected.

Re: Basing of Rabble

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:58 pm
by David Kuijt
You're welcome to take that approach if you want to -- I'm sure nobody would complain when playing you; the critical thing is that stands can be differentiated visually from other stands, and your change fits that standard.

However, let me explain what the thinking was in the Rabble basing, and maybe you'll change your mind.

First off, Rabble are in many ways crappy Skirmishers. Skirm are 2 figs on a 40x20. Rabble are 3 figs on a 40x30, which is identical visual density. Putting them 5 figs on a 40x30 would give them a much higher visual density.

Second, there are armies with lots of Rabble. Early Libyans could have 22 Rabble stands. That's a lot of painting for crap troops -- 110 figures for the Rabble by your system. Playing the crappy troops (Bow Levy, Rabble, and Horde) is fun, but we didn't really want to create a huge burden on those who are interested in creating armies with lots of the crappy troops. 3 figs on a rabble stand was a much smaller price to pay for that.

Re: Basing of Rabble

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:50 pm
by Bill Hupp
I've also suggested 5 looks more like a Rabble and would be a plus from a figure manufacturer stand point. :-)

Practically I have done a mix of both. I think it depends on the army. In the Lydian expample with so many Rabble stands the 3 look fine to me.


Re: Basing of Rabble

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:09 am
by FanatiChris
I've decided to let the army description be the David K. notes, since the base size is the same either way..the number of figures shouldn't be an issue unless it somehow creates confusion.

So for army lists where the rabble are described as peasants or others reluctant warriors armed mostly with crude melee weapons, I'll go for 5 figures. And where the rabble are shieldless javeliners, slingers, rock throwers or other missile armed troops found mostly in lightly armed armies...I'll go with 3 figures.

My rationale is that rabble with mostly missile weapons are more likely to act like skirmishers and mostly just want to throw their missile and stay the heck out of the way of anyone who might want to engage them....hence would be less concerned by being spread out in open order. Whereas the rabble with melee weapons (clubs, pitchforks, spears, hammers, etc.) know that if push comes to shove, they're going to need some numbers to survive....and are more likely to bunch up because of the "I'd much rather stand behind my neighbor and the protection of his shield than be a hero" mentality.

Works for me...others mileage may vary. :D