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by jdesmond
Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:14 am
Forum: General Rules Discussion
Topic: Dumb questions
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Dumb questions

Salutations, gentlefolk ! A few questions (or nits to pick), from the Nov 3 2016 edition: In section 34, "Breaking Off Close Combat", In 34:3 "A stand which breaks off is restricted in how it may move"; 34:3:b "It may only move directly to its rear", and 34:3:c "it may not change its facing". This s...
by jdesmond
Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:55 pm
Forum: Product Discussion - Ask questions and talk about WGC Products
Topic: Rules, type size
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Rules, type size

Salutations, gentlefolk, Finally got myself a Paypal account, went to Wargames Vault and acquired the Triumph rules. Might I request that future editions use a larger typesize, 10 points or so, which us 'old grognards' might be able to read without magnifying glasses. Or, perhaps, you could make pri...
by jdesmond
Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:51 am
Forum: Opponents Wanted
Topic: North Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia
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North Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia

Salutations, gentlefolk, Am interested in getting together for Triumph battles - also other miniatures and boardgames. Am retired, carless. Will meet you almost anywhere you can get to and from by: NJ Transit or PATH from Newark NYC subway or bus, from PATH station NJ Transit from Trenton or Camden,...