Stratclyde spear

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Stratclyde spear

Postby Andreas Johansson » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:43 pm

Just out of curiosity, why are the bulk of a Strathclyde army classed as Spears? Their neighbours and enemies (Scots, Picts, Bernicians, Norsemen) are mostly footsloggers, so it seems slightly unexpected they'd be especially good at resisting cavalry, and in a history-based campaign or theme they'd be better off with cheaper Heavy Foot.

Also, absent the historical notes, it's hard to guess exactly who are encompassed by the "etc", but given the allied contingents it evidently includes Armorica before the the Breton list starts, so one assumes that at minimum it includes the rest of the Old North. It accordingly ought be keyworded "Armorican", as well as "Rheged" and "Gododdin"; also "Elmet" unless that counts as Welsh.

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